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Oregon Wine Tour

Willamette Valley Valet Service & All-Inclusive Wine Country Packages


Wine Country Valet Service

See Our Private Wine Country Valet and Guided Tour Service Taking Groups of 2 -11 Guests


All-Inclusive Tour Packages

Our Elevated Wine Tour Package - Guide & Valet, Winery Tastings, and a Gourmet Vineyard Dining Experience

Country Roads Lead To Pinots...

Authentic Luxury Willamette

Oregon Wine Country from Portland, the Metro Area, McMinnville, Newberg, Carlton and Salem

Why Do We Offer This Service?

Our wine tour and network of vineyards is designed to foster connections, and give people the best experience of the Willamette Valley. Wine is meant to be shared, and has a unique ability to connect people. By taking a day to taste and explore, we slow down to enjoy the region's world-renowned wine, beauty and locally sourced gourmet food. And by facilitating time for the people living around their craft to engage with our guests, we get to bring you into our relationship with some remarkable winemakers and chefs. 

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Wine Country Lodging...
Oregon Pinot Noir

About Me 

My name is Jonas Crowder, I'll be your travel agent, tour guide and driver. After starting Hidden Vineyards Valet I now get to serve people by creating excellent experiences of Oregon food and wine. While I'm fascinated with the history, biochemistry and spiritual traditions around winemaking, what I'm most enthusiastic about is people. To me food and wine are ways we foster interpersonal connections. After studying and rowing at Syracuse University, I moved home to live with my family on our lavender rows at "Zeke's Farm." Right in the middle of wine country. After working for a local winery, I was inspired to offer this service to create the highest quality experience of the unique wine culture and farm-to-table cuisine of the Willamette Valley, and to give to organizations that serve a greater part in humanity. 

Oregon Wine Touring Guide

Our Mission:

Orphanage aid and endangered youth outreach in Guatemala...

We give a percentage for every tour booked to the following non-profit organizations:

LimeTree Group - Orphanage Remodeling

Street Kids Direct - At Risk and Endangered Youth Outreach in Guatemala City

Los Gozosos - Full-time Special Needs Care and Housing Facility

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