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Portland Oregon Wine Tour

Oregon Wine Tour
Itinerary From Portland

Vineyard Itinerary...

Our Wine Tours are Designed to Showcase Different Profiles of Excellent Oregon Wineries - From the Region's Legacy Names to the Boutique Hidden Gems

With 23 American Viticulture Areas in Oregon Alone, We Explore the Terroir Differences Across Northern Willamette's Nested AVAs

Luxury Oregon Wine Tour

We Create Our Wine Tours with Stops at One of Each of Our Following Winery Showcases - But Gladly Accommodate Client Winery Requests

Most Popular Oregon Wineries

The Legacy Showcase

Wineries Selected on Basis of Prestige, Industry Recognition and Time-Proven Craftsmanship

'These wineries have garnered a well-established reputation for their vintages and presence in the region. The showcase connects clients to a historically-important name in winemaking both regionally and internationally. This tour stop will feature a tasting flight at one of the prestigious vineyards of the Willamette Valley.'

The Homestead Showcase

Family Wineries Selected on Basis of Hospitality, Earthiness and Charm

'Homestead wineries are the salt of Willamette viticulture. Vineyards are farms at the end of the day, and in the last 50 years, families have moved to the wine country to create homesteads on vineyards, taking pride in the wine they make. This showcase brings guests to an family name winery.'

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Oregon Boutique Wineries

The Hidden Gem Showcase

Boutique Wineries Selected on Basis of Character, Dedication and Quality. 

'With the hidden gem showcase we go off the beaten path to a quintessential boutique Oregon winery. We'll connect with dedicated winemakers and charasmatic tasting rooms. These artisanal productions place quality over quantity, and the result is some of the most uniquely delicious fine wines.'

Farm-to-table portland

Farm-to-Table Host Vineyard

Dining Venue and Wine-Pairing  

'Our wine tour experiences include special farm-to-table dining experiences at unique host vineyard locations. These wineries get to display their vintages with each plate through curated menus provided by local caterers and winery kitchens. See our full section on farm-to-table dining.'

The Nested AVAs of Northern Willamette Valley:

Oregon Nested AVAs

In the northern part of the larger Willamette Valley American Viticulture Area, are a collection of nested AVAs at the heart of Oregon wine country. Each with a distinguished terroir, we taste at vineyards across several of the following;

  • Willamette Valley 

  • Dundee Hills

  • McMinnville

  • Chehalem Mountains

  • Ribbon Ridge

  • Yamhill-Carlton

  • Laurelwood District

  • Tualatin Hills

Tour routes are planned to include variety in both wineries and terroir, while being conscious of client needs, time, and their pickup and drop-off locations. 

willamette valley wine tour

Learn More About 
Willamette Valley AVAs

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