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Portland Charity Event Wine Tour
Portland Charity Event Wine Tour

Our Mission

Orphanage and endangered youth outreach in Guatemala...

A percentage for every person booked goes to the following non-profit organizations:

LimeTree Group - Orphanage Remodeling

Street Kids Direct - At Risk and Endangered Youth Outreach in Guatemala City

Los Gozosos - Full-time Special Needs Care and Housing Facility

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...I love all things life-giving. In letting us serve and connect you to the people, wine and food of Oregon, you join us in giving to our charity partners providing life-giving service for our people in Guatemala. With $100 of every ticket going to our partner charities, each person booked is both served by us and serves with us in our mission to bring about a better quality of living for children in Guatemala, supporting them with everything from housing, food and medicine, to refuge from gangs, trafficking and homelessness. I'm continually humbled by not only the perseverance but the joy of the children, and the volunteers who devote their lives to them.

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